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Strategic Business Planning and Growth

We utilize our relationships gained from the TIC Industry and through our own Network to enable our clients to provide and/or receive unsurpassed products and services. We then use the tools of our company that combine to create very specific Strategic Business Planning and Growth.

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Faith and Family

We put Faith and Family as our top priorities and we believe in giving people and companies a "Second Chance" while always being vigilant on "Giving Back" and "Paying it Forward". We pray and give thanks for our blessings and We Trust in God.

Grow Your Business

Our clients range from: a start up Air Conditioning company - to someone's Idea or Invention that needs to be brought to market - to privately held Industrial and Construction Companies looking to grow their business and diversify - to helping Obtain Key Contracts for all our clients, which also include over 50 of the Top "Global 500" Companies.

We help companies grow sales and profit and if needed, help raise capital for them.

Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America

LSR focuses on business activity throughout the Americas with a strong focus on Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean and North America. Since 1991, LeBlanc Strategic Resources has been helping companies grow their business via our ever growing Strategic Alliance of Network of Partners, Clients, Contractors, Employees and Governmental Officials that get things done and get them done honorably.